When it comes to shaping your eyebrows without the maintenance, many people opt for either eyebrow tattoos or eyebrow embroidery. These techniques can give your brows the look you desire, but which one is best for your needs?

Let’s start with eyebrow tattoo in Korea. This is a permanent look and once you commit to an eyebrow tattoo, this will last a lifetime. You are not able to make any changes. Many people also believe that over time eyebrow tattoos can fade. They also do not look as natural as other techniques, like eyebrow embroidery.

Eyebrow embroidery in Korea is a semi-permanent makeup service. With this technique you are not committed for life to the look of your brows. A technician will draw a natural mineral pigment onto your skin. He or she will then use a feathering technique to ensure that your brows look natural and fuller. Eyebrow embroidery does not fade over time and allows room for change if you wish to make any changes.

With eyebrow embroidery in Korea, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your eyebrows. At Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetics we specialize in semi-permanent makeup. Our team of technicians have the necessary experience to help you get the eyebrows you have always wanted. This process can be completed rather quickly and our technicians will give you all of the information you need to ensure that your eyebrow embroidery is treated properly.


If you are looking for fuller, natural looking eyebrows, you might want to consider eyebrow embroidery. To learn more about our services or to consult with our experienced technicians, visit our website at kspmu.com or call +82 70 4530 5375 today to schedule an appointment. Our team is always ready to answer your questions about semi-permanent makeup and our other services.